What are the most important reasons for the recent riots in France?

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The results of a recent survey conducted in France show that the majority of the people of this country support the police and consider the lack of severity and decisiveness in judicial action as one of the causes of recent incidents.

According to Euronews, in a survey conducted by the Elabe Institute and for the French BFM TV, 66% of the participants said that the reason for the recent events was “lack of parental authority”.

Cases such as “lack of severity and decisiveness of the judicial system in dealing” with 55% and “drug trafficking in certain neighborhoods” with 43% are cited as the reasons for the recent events.

The participants who voted for the two far-right candidates in the previous elections, that is, for Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemor, identified the three main reasons for the recent events as “indecisiveness of the judicial system” (73 and 71 percent), “immigration” (65 and 75 percent), respectively. percent) and “lack of parental authority” (70 and 60 percent).

In the looting that happened in the recent urban violence in France, the presence of teenagers and young people has been prominent. Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron asked their parents to keep their children away from the street.

Stating that “some young people are playing violent video games in the street”, he said: “It is the duty of parents to keep their children at home. It is not the duty of the government to act on their behalf.”

According to the findings of this survey, trust is in the police (71 percent) and in the gendarmerie force (80 percent). The figure of trust in the police for those who voted for Emmanuel Macron in the previous elections was 94 percent, while only 44 percent of voters said they trusted the police for Jean-Luc Melenchon, the far-left candidate.

French authorities say youth anarchists, who are considered extreme leftists, have played a major role in the recent vandalism and violence.

According to the latest statistics, in one week of urban violence in France, 5,600 cars were burned, 1,000 buildings were damaged, 11,000 trash cans were set on fire, 18,000 cases of vandalism were recorded in public roads and stores, and a total of 1 billion euros were lost. remained.

Meanwhile, more than 250 police and gendarmerie headquarters were attacked and 700 policemen were injured.

Despite public trust in the police, the survey results show that the majority of French people do not trust the judicial system, and 57 percent of the survey participants said they do not trust it.

7 out of 10 French people consider illegal violence (outside the framework of the law) by the police to be “marginal” and the work of a small minority of officers. On the other hand, 28% believed that violence and acts outside the law are a more general phenomenon in the police and gendarmerie.

According to this survey, 89 percent of French people have condemned the violence against the police. Meanwhile, about 20% of French people said they understand violence against the police (this figure was 40% for people under 25 and 35% for supporters of the left-wing candidate). 93 percent were against the destruction of public buildings.

At the same time, 89% of French consider the death of a teenager after police shooting as an excuse for destruction and more by anarchists. On the other hand, 10% believed that the angry reaction and riots were a result of the feeling of injustice after Nael’s death.

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