The Ministry of Interior has announced the arrest of 43 individuals in connection with various crimes

According to Bayan News, officials from the Ministry of Interior say that government forces have arrested 43 people on charges of theft, murder, kidnapping, disturbing public order, and other crimes.

Abdul Matin Qaneh, a spokesperson for the ministry, added on Saturday (July 8th) that among those arrested, 14 were detained in connection with criminal offenses in Balkh province.

According to the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, 11 people were arrested in connection with robbery and theft in Uruzgan province, seven were arrested in connection with illegal arms trafficking, theft, and kidnapping in Takhar province, two thieves were arrested in Samangan, and two others were arrested in connection with murder in Nangarhar province.

Qaneh also said in a tweet that seven different types of weapons and military equipment were seized by the Counter Terrorist Police from Maidan Wardak province.

However, the Ministry of Interior spokesperson did not specify when these individuals were arrested.

In recent months, the Ministry of Interior has also arrested individuals in connection with various crimes from different provinces of Afghanistan.

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