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US Secretary of State: Taliban acting against the will of the people by restricting women and girls

Bayan News – Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, has recently criticized the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women and girls, stating that the interim Taliban government is violating women’s freedoms and human rights in Afghanistan, contrary to the desires of the country’s people.

Speaking at the “Coalition for the Economic Resilience of Afghan Women” meeting, Blinken stated that under Taliban rule, women and girls have been deprived of attending schools and universities, and social restrictions on their movement continue to persist.

The Coalition for the Economic Resilience of Afghan Women meeting was held at the US Department of State in collaboration with Boston University.

During the meeting, the US Secretary of State, as the special representative for women and human rights and the US representative for Afghanistan, delivered a speech.

However, Taliban officials consider any comments regarding Afghan women and girls as interference in the affairs of their country.

Officials of the current Kabul government have stated that women’s and girls’ rights are more protected than ever before.

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