White House: US Aid to Support the People of Afghanistan Continues

Bayan News – Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House spokesperson, states that the United States will continue its aid to the people of Afghanistan, and this assistance will not be used to strengthen the Islamic Emirate.

In her weekly press briefing, she added, “We will help the people of Afghanistan without bolstering the Taliban. This commitment has been in place not only in the past two years but also in the past few decades.”

The White House spokesperson emphasized that the importance of educating girls has always been clear to the President of the United States, not only within the United States but also globally. It is crucial for girls and women in Afghanistan to live freely, go to school, and receive an education.

However, Jean-Pierre stated that the United States has explicitly expressed its concerns regarding the ban on girls’ education to the authorities of the Islamic Emirate and has been following up on the matter.

It should be noted that following its re-establishment, the Islamic Emirate has imposed severe restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan. The ban on girls’ education beyond the sixth grade is considered one of the first significant measures taken, and despite international pressure over the past two years, girls’ education is still hindered.

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