First joint military exercise of China and Russia in the Sea of Japan

Bayan News – The Chinese Ministry of Defense has announced that a flotilla of its navy set sail on Monday (July 16) to join Russian navy and air force units in the Sea of Japan for a joint exercise aimed at “protecting strategic waterways.”

The ministry explained on its official WeChat account that the flotilla, consisting of five warships and four helicopters, had left the port of Qingdao and would rendezvous with Russian forces in a “pre-determined area.”

According to the ministry, Russian navy and air force units will participate in the exercises held in the Sea of Japan.

According to military experts cited by the Global Times newspaper, this is the first time that Russian navy and air force units have participated in a joint exercise.

The two Russian warships, named “Gromky” and “Sovetskaya Gavan,” which are participating in the maneuvers, underwent separate training on tactics, communication, and marine rescue with the Chinese navy in Shanghai this month.

These ships passed through Taiwan and Japan before docking in Shanghai, which prompted Taipei and Tokyo to monitor and track them.

The joint maneuvers indicate the strengthening of military cooperation between Beijing and Moscow since Russia’s attack on Ukraine and come at a time when China continues to reject repeated US requests to resume military communications.

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