Mullah Brother to Turkish businessmen: Good opportunities for investment have been provided

Bayan News – Mullah Abdul Ghani Brother, the economic deputy of the caretaker government’s presidency in Kabul, assured Turkish businessmen during his trip to Turkey that comprehensive security has been ensured in Afghanistan and that good opportunities for investment have been provided.

On Friday (August 11), he met and held discussions with Nail Olpak, the president of the Foreign Trade Board of Turkey (DEIK), as well as a number of Afghan and Turkish businessmen in Istanbul.

The Office of the Economic Deputy of the government’s presidency stated in a newsletter that, in addition to economic and trade issues, discussions were also held regarding investment opportunities.

According to the newsletter, the heads and representatives of Turkish trade companies have shown interest in sectors such as infrastructure development, mining extraction and processing, mechanized agriculture, electricity generation, railway network construction, food production, and other areas.

The economic deputy of the caretaker government assured in this meeting that with the provision of comprehensive security in Afghanistan, good opportunities for investment have been created.

He emphasized that the Islamic Emirate has provided opportunities in sectors such as mining, agriculture, electricity generation, infrastructure, industry, telecommunications, trade, and other fields, and supports investors.

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