Taliban Security Commander in Faryab refrains from interviews with journalists

Bayan News – Local reporters in Faryab province have stated that Sirajuddin Ahmadi, the Taliban security commander in the province, has abstained from granting interviews to independent journalists.

According to local journalists, on Tuesday (April 8th), when journalists attended a press conference held by the Taliban security commander, only the national television reporter was allowed to conduct an interview, while other journalists were asked to leave the premises.

Local reporters have added that this local Taliban figure has only conducted interviews regarding security issues and security measures during the holiday period with the reporter from the national television of Afghanistan.

However, the Afghanistan Journalists Center has deemed this action by the Taliban commander concerning and referred to it as an attempt to marginalize private media outlets in a statement. The center has urged local Taliban authorities to respect the laws of universal media and the Access to Information Law, which are also enforceable by the Taliban, and to put an end to arbitrary actions.

Since coming into power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on media outlets and journalists’ work.

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