Iranian Media: Attacker of Shah Cheragh Shrine Trained by ISIS in Afghanistan for Three Months

Bayan News – Tasnim News Agency, citing its own sources, has released information indicating that the attacker of the Shah Cheragh Shrine in the city of Shiraz, Iran, “Rahmatollah Norouzaf,” had undergone three months of training by ISIS in Afghanistan.

According to the information published today, Thursday, August 16th, Rahmatollah Norouzaf, using the alias Salman Aslamyar, initially communicated with one of the ISIS headquarters through cyberspace. He then traveled to Turkey for operational cooperation with ISIS and became an active member there.

Tasnim also mentions in its report that Norouzaf is of Tajik origin and states that he traveled from Turkey to Afghanistan, where he received approximately three months of ISIS training for terrorist operations. Finally, he entered Iran and carried out his operation at the Shah Cheragh Shrine three days ago.

It should be noted that on Monday evening, August 13th, two armed individuals attacked the Shah Cheragh Shrine in Shiraz, Iran. Iranian security forces apprehended one of them alive, while the other individual managed to escape.

In this event, four people were killed, and seven others were injured.

ISIS claimed responsibility for this incident.

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