Financial Support from Red Cross to Multiple Hospitals to be Cut

Bayan News – The International Red Cross Committee has announced that due to insufficient budget, the support provided by the organization to 25 hospitals in Afghanistan may be discontinued by the end of August.

Diego Alcantara, spokesperson for the Red Cross Committee in Afghanistan, told several international media outlets that the necessary financial resources for healthcare services are not available to the Red Cross Committee.

According to him, discussions will continue with the Afghan ministries and international organizations to find a suitable solution regarding this matter.

Diego Alcantara added that the International Red Cross Committee made the decision to support hospitals to save Afghanistan’s healthcare system, which collapsed after the Taliban’s takeover.

He stated that initially, the Red Cross covered 33 major hospitals, but support for eight hospitals had already been halted. According to him, the Red Cross provides salaries for over 10,000 healthcare workers and supplies some medical equipment.

The Red Cross support to hospitals includes payment of healthcare workers’ salaries and provision of medical supplies. This support began several months after the Islamic Emirate’s rule over Afghanistan.

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