Poland Threatens Belarus Government

Bayan News – Mariusz Kaminski, the Minister of Interior of Poland, has threatened the Belarus government, stating that if they do not remove Wagner forces from their territory, Poland will close its border.

Kaminski, in a press conference on Monday, August 28, added that if the security situation from the Wagner Group becomes critical, Baltic countries will completely close their borders with Belarus.

He issued a warning about the possibility of an incident by Wagner mercenaries in Belarus and urged the authorities in Minsk to immediately withdraw this armed group from their territory.

The Polish Minister of Interior emphasized that in the event of any serious incident, whether at the borders of Poland or Lithuania, his country will close all border crossings with Belarus.

Poland’s warning to Belarus comes after Yevgeny Prigozhin, the commander of the Russian Wagner military group, was killed in a plane crash last Thursday, allegedly carrying a bomb, in northwest Moscow.

In recent months, Poland has witnessed a wave of African and Middle Eastern migrants along its borders and has accused Belarus of human trafficking and facilitating the illegal crossing of migrants.

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