Ministry of Interior: Important cities in Afghanistan to be covered by security cameras

Bayan News – Officials from the Ministry of Interior have announced that in order to ensure the safety of the people, it has been decided to install security cameras in all major cities of Afghanistan, particularly in Kabul.

Abdul Matin Qanee, the spokesperson for the ministry, stated today, Thursday (August 30th), in a video clip that currently over 62,000 security cameras have been installed throughout the country, and this measure has proven effective in reducing crime and facilitating timely arrests of criminals.

He further stated that the leadership of the Ministry of Interior is currently working on this matter to approve the budget and finalize its strategy and policy.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior emphasized the importance of public cooperation in this regard and highlighted that besides important and crowded areas, security cameras will also be installed on major highways, borders, and customs checkpoints in Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning that after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the crime rate in cities has significantly decreased.

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