Three civilian protesters were injured by Taliban forces in Farah province

Bayan News – It has been reported from Farah province in western Afghanistan that on Tuesday (March 25), residents of the village of Kansk in the Balablok district of this province protested over government lands.

According to local sources, the residents of this district have been working on the relevant lands for many years for agriculture; however, recently the Taliban have decided to return these lands to the government.

It is said that Taliban forces fired at the protesters and, as a result, three protesters were injured and were transferred to a hospital in the province of Farah for treatment.

Local Taliban officials have not yet responded to this matter.

It is worth mentioning that, following their takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban formed a commission for the recovery of usurped government lands, and this commission has reclaimed thousands of acres of land in the past two years.

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