Snow Avalanche Claims the Lives of 28 in Nuristan Province

Bayan News – The governor’s office has announced that as a result of a snow avalanche in the Nurgaram district of Nuristan province, several residents of this district have been killed and injured.

In a press release issued on Monday night (February 19), it stated that 20 residential houses were also destroyed in this incident.

According to the governor’s office, the Ministry of Disaster Management is collecting data on this event, and relevant authorities have been instructed to provide emergency assistance to the affected individuals.

Local residents have told the media that this incident was caused by a mountain landslide that occurred following heavy snowfall.

According to local residents, 28 people lost their lives in this incident, and at least 30 others have been injured.

This event took place in the “Dara-e-Titin” area of Nurgaram district.

Local Taliban officials have reported that 25 people have lost their lives as a result of this incident.

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