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Afghan Journalists Center: Taliban has violated 136 cases of media freedom

Bayan News – The Afghan Journalists Center, in a statement issued one day before “World Press Freedom Day,” has provided statistics showing that the center has documented 136 incidents of violation of media freedom and journalists in the past year.

According to the statement published on Thursday, May 2, the presented statistics include 73 cases of threats and 64 cases of journalists’ arrests.

According to the Afghan Journalists Center, from May 2023 until now, media outlets and journalists in the country have faced greater restrictions in terms of their level of freedom and access to their fundamental and legal rights compared to previous periods.

The statement also states that after taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has imposed 17 unlawful guidelines for public media.

The Afghan Journalists Center has called on the interim government of the Taliban to respect freedom of expression and the media, and to allow journalists to continue their activities according to media laws.

It is worth mentioning that the Taliban accept media outlets that adhere to Islamic values and follow the policy of the current Kabul government.

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