Global Food Program: 10 Million People in Afghanistan Deprived of Assistance

Bayan News – Due to budget cuts by United Nations agencies, the World Food Program (WFP) has announced that approximately 10 million people have been deprived of receiving humanitarian aid in Afghanistan this year.

The organization stated today, on Wednesday (September 5), on X Network, that due to extensive budget cuts, it can only provide assistance to one person out of every five hungry individuals in Afghanistan.

The World Food Program further expressed that this challenge has increased concerns and despair among the citizens of Afghanistan.

According to the organization, the continuation of international humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan is considered a small window to prevent a crisis in the country, and if this trend continues, the people of Afghanistan will become more vulnerable.

This is happening while international assessments indicate that approximately 29 million people in Afghanistan are in need of humanitarian assistance this year.

International organizations have warned that the global community has not shown sufficient interest in funding these needs, leading to an escalation of concerns among the people of Afghanistan.

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