US Secretary of State Defends US Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Bayan News – In a speech commemorating the 11th of September, Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, stated that the decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan was a difficult but necessary decision. He added on Monday (September 11th) that the government is examining all aspects of the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, particularly the attack by ISIS during the evacuation process.

Blinken stated, “The President made a very difficult and important decision about ending America’s 20-year-long war, and we couldn’t send another generation to war for another 20 years. So, we did the right thing, and of course, we’re looking at all the consequences of the decision we made.”

Meanwhile, Michael McCaul, the Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, has expressed that they want to summon several members of the Biden administration to testify before the committee. The US representative explicitly stated, “We want to talk to Jen Psaki, the message she pulled out of the White House versus what happened on the ground was different, and John Kirby said there were no weapons left there when there are $7 billion worth of weapons left. I can show you the type and the value of those. Ned Price will also be requested.”

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack by the Al-Qaeda network on the World Trade Center towers in the United States. On September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda members targeted the twin towers of the US World Trade Center, resulting in the loss of over three thousand American lives.

Following this event, the United States, within the framework of NATO and with the permission of the United Nations Security Council, launched an attack on Afghanistan to combat terrorism.

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