The Taliban delegation will not participate in the second Doha meeting

Bayan News – The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Saturday evening (February 17) that their conditions have not been accepted by the United Nations, and they will not participate in this meeting.

This meeting is scheduled to be held tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, with the participation of special representatives of countries for Afghanistan and hosted by the United Nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement that the Taliban’s conditions have not been accepted by the United Nations and therefore they do not consider it beneficial for Afghanistan.

According to the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they have strengthened their relations with regional countries over the past two and a half years and have achieved positive results in this regard.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in its statement: “The Islamic Emirate wanted to participate in this meeting as a responsible party in Afghanistan, but due to lack of progress, the participation of the Islamic Emirate has not been considered beneficial.”

In another part of the statement, it is mentioned: “If the United Nations does not understand the existing facts and does not influence certain parties, then there will be a possibility of progress in negotiations with the Islamic Emirate.”

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