Ismail Khan in Tajikistan: I hope regional countries provide a platform for group discussions

Bayan News – Amir Ismail Khan, one of the Jihadi leaders and a member of the National Resistance Front, expressed hope that regional countries would provide a platform for discussions among Afghan groups.

The 11th Herat Security Conference, titled “Revisiting Afghanistan – Different Approaches,” was held today, Tuesday (November 27), in the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe.

During this conference, which is attended by some figures opposed to the Islamic Emirate, the situation in Afghanistan will be discussed and examined for two days.

The Islamic Emirate was invited to this conference, but its representative did not attend.

Ismail Khan said on the sidelines of this session that regional countries, due to their differences or enmity with the Americans, did not want to be present in Afghanistan, and as a result, the country has become almost a sacrifice.

He added to the media that regional countries, with their hostile attitude towards America, were somehow dealing gently with the Islamic Emirate.

This Jihadi leader continued to state that the conditions in Afghanistan have changed now, and the greater dangers will affect the region, not the world. It is expected that regional countries will realize this, as the range of threats will reach the region as well.

Ismail Khan asked regional countries to provide a platform for discussions, although these discussions will not yield results, but it prepares the perspectives for the international community that the people of Afghanistan are not satisfied with the situation.

The officials of the Kabul caretaker government have not reacted to this meeting.

However, Ismail Khan was detained following the fall of Herat city to the forces of the Islamic Emirate, but he was released unharmed and went towards Iran.

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