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US Institute of Peace: Women’s Rights Situation Indicates Taliban’s Lack of Willingness to Comply with the Doha Agreement

Bayan News – The US Institute of Peace has stated in its latest report that the restrictions imposed on women and girls in Afghanistan by the Taliban are contrary to their commitments in the Doha Agreement.

The institution expressed strong concern about the severity of human rights conditions in Afghanistan with the release of its report on Friday (September 23rd).

According to the report, the Kabul caretaker government, through repeated directives, has restricted human rights and women’s rights over the past two years, and has also abolished human rights-supporting institutions.

The US Institute of Peace stated that the Kabul caretaker government, in its initial actions, blocked girls’ education beyond the sixth grade.

The report further stated that the leadership of the Kabul caretaker government over the past two years has demonstrated a lack of willingness to implement their commitments to women, which they had agreed upon in Doha.

Simultaneously with the two-year anniversary of the return of the Islamic Emirate to power in Afghanistan, international criticism of the violation of human rights laws and the restrictions imposed on women and girls under the current Kabul regime has once again intensified.

Despite the volume of these criticisms, officials of the Kabul caretaker government have consistently reacted and declared that the Islamic Emirate is committed to protecting the rights of women and girls based on Sharia laws.

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