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Afghanistan Placed on the List of Countries with the Worst Education Conditions

Bayan News – An international educational institution has announced in a report that Afghanistan is among the countries with the worst education conditions.

The international institution called “Education Above All” operates and released its report on Friday (September 15) regarding the educational conditions in different countries.

According to Maliha Malik, the Executive Director of the Education in War and Conflict program at this institution, education in Afghanistan has been affected by the government and warring factions.

She added, “Some countries, including Afghanistan, are included in this list. Attacks on education in Afghanistan have come from all sides, both from state and non-state actors, and this has consistently harmed the educational process. The new restrictions on education in Afghanistan continue to pose challenges.”

This report comes at a time when the Kabul caretaker government has banned education for girls above the sixth grade throughout Afghanistan for the past two years.

Following this ban, female students have also been prohibited from attending universities.

The educational restrictions in Afghanistan have drawn international reactions. However, government officials have been stating for a while that they are committed to girls’ education but that the necessary conditions need to be provided.

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