The Azerbaijani Government Initiates a Fresh Wave of Attacks in the Karabakh Region

Bayan News – International media outlets have reported that the Azerbaijani government has launched an offensive in the mountainous Karabakh region on Wednesday (September 19).

According to Agence France-Presse, in these attacks, which Azerbaijan refers to as “anti-terrorist operations,” Stepanakert, the capital of the separatist Karabakh region, and other cities in the area have come under heavy fire from Azerbaijani military forces.

On Wednesday, shortly after the start of these operations, the Republic of Azerbaijan emphasized that peace with Armenia is possible if the country completely withdraws from the Karabakh region.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement, “The only way to achieve peace and stability in the region is the unconditional and complete withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from the Azerbaijani Karabakh region and the dissolution of the so-called separatist regime in this region.”

Azerbaijan also explicitly stated that it is creating humanitarian corridors for civilians in the Karabakh region.

Meanwhile, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in a statement the recent extensive aggression by the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region, describing it as a continuation of Baku’s policy of ethnic cleansing in the area.

The Office of the Karabakh Representation in Armenia stated in a Facebook statement, “Azerbaijan has initiated extensive military operations against the Republic of Artsakh (the name Armenians use for Karabakh) and intends to penetrate deep into this region.”

Armenia reiterated on Wednesday that it does not have any armed forces stationed in the Karabakh region, and Yerevan emphasizes that only ethnic Armenian separatists in Karabakh are responsible for countering Azerbaijan’s attacks.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense emphasized in a statement on Telegram, “As previously announced repeatedly, Armenia does not have any army or military forces in Karabakh.”

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