Afghanistan Embassy in India Closes

Bayan News – The Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi has announced that it has suspended its activities as of today, Monday, October 1, due to the lack of support from the Indian government.

In its statement, the embassy mentioned that in addition to the lack of support from the host government, the failure to meet expectations in serving the interests of Afghanistan was another reason for the suspension of the embassy’s activities in New Delhi.

The statement also mentioned that the reduction in personnel and resources, due to unforeseen circumstances, had made it increasingly challenging to continue the embassy’s activities. “The timely and necessary support, including the extension of visas for diplomats, in other vital areas, was lacking, leading to understandable frustration among our team, which hindered our ability to carry out effective tasks.”

However, a few days ago, Indian media had reported that employees of the Afghan embassy in India were involved in internal disputes regarding the continuation of its activities.

The Afghan Embassy in India has denied these rumors and stated in its statement that what has been published in the media does not reflect the reality of the embassy. The embassy’s staff members remain in the unified team and continue to work in the interests of Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning that, two years after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the Indian government has not officially activated its embassy in Kabul. In recent months, New Delhi had sent a technical delegation to Kabul.

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