Amnesty International’s Concern over the Situation of Afghan Migrants in Pakistan

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the increasing forced expulsion of a number of Afghan migrants by Islamabad, several international organizations have criticized the global community’s lack of attention to their situation in Pakistan.

Amnesty International expressed its concerns on Tuesday, October 2nd, in a statement, stating that many Afghan citizens who had fled to Pakistan out of fear of persecution are now facing expulsion.

The organization stated, “It is deeply concerning that the situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan does not receive international attention.”

These concerns come after recent reports that Pakistani police have detained nearly a thousand Afghan migrants from various parts of Islamabad.

According to Pakistani media reports, some of the detained individuals have been released after going through the necessary procedures or having their residency documents verified.

In recent months, the process of detaining Afghan citizens in Pakistan has been on the rise.

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