Attack by Palestinian Armed Forces on Israeli Settlements

Bayan News – Early on Saturday morning (October 7th), Palestinian armed forces fired hundreds of rockets from Gaza into Israeli settlements and infiltrated dozens of their troops into the southern part of the country.

Israel’s A24 television network reported, citing a senior security official, that the armed forces affiliated with Hamas have engaged with Israeli forces at 21 military bases.

According to published reports, this military attack has caused casualties and financial damage to Israelis. According to preliminary statistics, 100 Israelis have been killed and over 200 others have been injured.

It is said that approximately two thousand rockets have been fired into Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister, Yuval Galant, also told the media that the Hamas group has declared war against his country, and Israeli forces are engaged with militants from this group in several locations.

Galant emphasized that thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up to the military.

However, Hamas has stated in a newsletter that they have taken nearly 40 Israeli soldiers and several settlements in captivity in this attack.

Senior Israeli officials, especially Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, have put their army on high alert and stated that Israel is in a war with Palestine.

Israel and Palestine have been engaged in conflict for decades, and despite international efforts, these conflicts have not subsided.

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