The United Nations has placed the Israeli army on the organization’s blacklist

Bayan News – On Friday (June 7), the United Nations announced that the Israeli army has been placed on the blacklist due to its failure to prevent child casualties in the Gaza war.

According to international media reports, the UN’s “list of shame” includes countries and organizations that harm children in war.

However, Israel is the first democratic country in the world to be added to this list.

Israel’s Channel 13 TV reported that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has informed the Israeli delegation to the UN that the country’s defense forces have been placed on the UN’s list of shame, with Israel’s name appearing alongside countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harshly criticized this move, saying that the UN has placed itself on the blacklist with this action.

Defending the performance of Israel’s security forces (IDF), Netanyahu called it the most moral army in the world and said the UN’s “ridiculous and perverse” decision will not undermine the status of the Israeli army.

The Israeli army’s assault on Gaza has so far led to the deaths of over 7,500 Palestinian children, according to reports.

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