Presidential Elections in Argentina: Milly Becomes President

Bayan News – Javier Melli, a non-political figure in Argentina, has won the presidential elections in the country by securing 55.69% of the votes.

According to international media reports, Sergio Massa, the Minister of Economy of Argentina and the main rival of Milly in these elections, received 44.3% of the votes and accepted his defeat against Milly.

In a speech addressed to the people of Argentina, Milly added, “Today, the reconstruction of Argentina begins. Today is a historic day for Argentina.”

He also told the global community that this country will regain its rightful place in the world, a position that should never have been lost.

According to The Guardian, Sergio Massa, while accepting his defeat in these elections, said, “The Argentine people have chosen another path.”

The new President of Argentina further stated, “It is obvious that these are not the results we were hoping for. I spoke to Javier Melli to congratulate him because he is the president who has obtained the majority of votes for the next four years.”

Milly becomes president at a time when Argentina is facing severe economic difficulties, and most people in this country are living in poverty.

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