Hamas: We will not accept a ceasefire that does not include a complete cessation of hostilities in Gaza

Bayan News – A senior official in Hamas emphasized on Saturday evening (May 4th) that the movement will not, under any circumstances, accept a ceasefire agreement in Gaza that does not guarantee an explicit halt to the war.

According to AFP, the unnamed Hamas official accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of personally obstructing the efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement due to his “personal motivations.”

On the other hand, the Israeli government announced that it will not send a delegation for negotiations to Egypt as long as there is no response from Hamas.

In response to Netanyahu’s position, Itamar Ben-Gvir, the Minister of National Security of Israel, expressed his support for Netanyahu’s decision not to send an Israeli delegation to Cairo. He emphasized that Netanyahu must initiate an attack on Rafah without accepting an “illegitimate agreement.”

Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli War Council, said, “So far, no response has been received from Hamas, and as soon as we receive [such a response], it will be discussed in the War Council.”

Meanwhile, a senior Israeli official stated that if there is a “positive development” regarding the prisoner exchange agreement, their country will send a delegation to continue negotiations on the ceasefire.

A new round of negotiations to reach a ceasefire agreement and secure the release of hostages and prisoners between Israel and Hamas began on Saturday, mediated by Egypt and Qatar, under the supervision of the United States.

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