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Detention of a Female Protester in Kabul

Bayan News – Sources have informed Afghan media outlets that the forces of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) detained a female protester approximately two weeks ago near the city of Kabul.

According to sources, this protesting woman is named Manizha Seddiqi and is a member of the grassroots women’s movement.

It is said that this female protester was arrested from the Kart-e Naw square in Kabul city and has been held in custody for the past fifteen days.

It has been further expressed that Manizha Seddiqi’s family became aware of her detention by the forces of the Islamic Emirate two weeks ago, but they had not yet made it public.

Security officials of the Kabul interim government have not commented on this matter.

However, in recent months, several female protesters have been detained in Kabul city.

Julia Parsi, Neda Parvani, and several other women protesters are currently in the custody of the forces of the Islamic Emirate.

Following the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, women and girls have faced unprecedented restrictions. They are subjected to bans on education, restrictions on women’s employment, limitations on travel without a male guardian, and various other constraints.

Over the past two years, women and girls have taken to the streets to protest against these restrictions.

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