Demands of Former US Officials from Pakistan to Halt Forced Deportation of Afghans

Bayan News – Several former US officials have urged Pakistan in an open letter to halt the forced deportation of Afghans who are awaiting visas from the United States.

In the letter sent to the Pakistani government on Thursday, October 25, they stated that thousands of Afghans who are expecting to receive US visas should not be deported.

The open letter was signed by 80 former US officials, prominent figures, and representatives of refugee housing organizations.

However, Pakistani media has reported that in the past two months, approximately 60,000 Afghan migrants who were residing illegally in the country have been returned to Afghanistan.

The Pakistani government had recently given a one-month deadline for illegal migrants to leave the country.

Pakistani security officials claim that Afghan migrants pose security risks in the country, a claim that has been rejected by the caretaker government in Kabul.

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