Attack by six armed assailants on Pakistan Army Air Force training base

Bayan News – Pakistan media has reported that today, on Sunday (November 4), six armed assailants attacked the Pakistan Army Air Force training base in the city of Mianwali in the Punjab province.

According to these reports, three armed assailants were killed by Pakistani Rapid Response forces before entering the training base, and three other assailants were besieged.

It is said that after several hours of confrontation, the three assailants were killed.

It has also been reported that in this armed attack, three military aircraft and one Pakistan Air Force bomber were destroyed.

The Pakistani army’s press office has announced that the clearance operation at the airbase has concluded and resulted in minimal casualties.

No group has claimed responsibility for this attack.

However, yesterday, two vehicles carrying Pakistani army personnel, moving towards Ormara, were ambushed in the Gwadar area, resulting in the killing of approximately 17 soldiers of the country’s army.

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