Breaking News: Explosion in a Caster-type City Bus in West Kabul

Bayan News – Sources report that on the evening of today, Wednesday (November 7th), a Caster-type city bus was targeted in an explosion in Dasht-e Barchi, Kabul city.

The explosion occurred at the Mahatab Qala bus station in Dasht-e Barchi, in front of Mohammad Ali Jinnah Hospital, and casualties have been reported.

This is the second deadly explosion in the past month in West Kabul.

However, Kabul security officials have also confirmed the occurrence of this event.

Khalid Zadran, spokesperson for the Kabul Security Command, stated that the explosion took place in a Caster-type bus, resulting in seven fatalities and approximately 20 others injured.

According to Zadran, security officials have arrived at the scene, and further details will be shared with the media later.

About a month ago, a sports hall in the Meywand Market, located at the Nanawati bus station in Dasht-e Barchi, was targeted in an explosion, resulting in nearly ten athletes losing their lives.

The responsibility for that incident was claimed by the Khorasan branch of ISIS.

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