Security Council: Eliminating and suppressing opponents is the policy of the Taliban

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The United Nations Security Council has recently claimed in a report that the caretaker government of Kabul has returned to the 90s by adopting a policy of eliminating and suppressing the opposition.

The key points of this report were published this Saturday morning (June 10) by the Afghan Representative Office in the United Nations, and it states that there have been no fundamental changes in the behavior of the Taliban officials.

According to this report, five ministers and nine governors are non-Pashtun among the members of the cabinet and governors of the caretaker government of Kabul, and this shows that the structure of the current Kabul government is mostly based on eliminating and suppressing the opposition.

The analysis and monitoring team of the Security Council’s Punishment Committee also stated in this report that there is a difference between the ruling authorities of Kabul over the division of the government structure and local administrations.

Narcotics is another important part of this report, which says that it is still too early to make a judgment about the significant decrease in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.

This is despite the fact that recently, based on satellite observations, a British research organization claimed in a report that poppy cultivation and drug production in Afghanistan has decreased unprecedentedly.

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