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Four prominent women’s rights activists boycotted the third Doha meeting

Bayan News – Coinciding with the holding of the third round of the Doha meeting hosted by the United Nations, four well-known women’s rights activists have boycotted and refrained from participating in this meeting.

Nabila Muslih, the former Minister of Women’s Affairs in the previous Afghan government, Habiba Sarabi, the former Deputy Chair of the High Peace Council, and Zubaida Akbar, a human rights activist, have rejected the UN’s invitation to participate in this meeting.

Ms. Muslih wrote on the X platform: “Participation in a marginal meeting will only be at the level of a meeting that I will not participate in.”

This women’s rights activist wrote that they should be present at the negotiating table and at the main Doha meeting, not on the sidelines.

Many human rights defenders have called for a boycott of the third Doha meeting due to the exclusion of women and civil society.

Today, the third round of the Doha meeting was held with the participation of representatives from 22 countries and international organizations; however, this meeting has been boycotted and criticized by many international organizations and human rights activists.

The Taliban delegation led by Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, also participated in this meeting.

Continued Reactions to the Doha Meeting; Exclusion of Women Contradicts International Conventions

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