Yaqub Mujahid Addresses Opposition Figures: Amnesty has been declared for you

Bayan News – Mawlawi Yaqub Mujahid, the acting Minister of Defense of Afghanistan, addressed the opposition figures of the Islamic Emirate and announced a general amnesty for them, urging them to return to the country.

The acting Minister of Defense, speaking at a ceremony attended by 900 personnel of the ministry’s special forces, added that the figures from the previous government have been tested.

He said, “Those who go from one place to another, causing insecurity in the country or inciting disturbances from one side to the other, attending gatherings and speaking ill of each other, our message to them is that the leader of the Islamic Emirate has declared amnesty for you.”

Emphasizing that he will not allow Afghanistan to be occupied again, he reminded that the country’s security and defense forces are now stronger than before.

Mujahid called on all the security forces of the previous government to return to the country, assuring them that there is no danger to them.

The acting Minister of Defense made these statements while recently meetings have been held in countries such as Russia and Tajikistan with the participation of opposition figures of the Islamic Emirate.

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