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Continued Reactions to the Doha Meeting; Exclusion of Women Contradicts International Conventions

Bayan News – Concurrent with the holding of the third Doha meeting, the Afghanistan Lawyers’ Union considers the exclusion of women from the Doha meeting to be in contradiction with international conventions.

This union stated in a statement yesterday (June 29) that since the Taliban regularly commit crimes against humanity, the United Nations’ decision to exclude women from the Doha meeting to fulfill the Taliban’s preconditions for participation is contrary to the legal demands of the men and women of Afghanistan and all international human rights conventions.

The statement of the Lawyers’ Union states that acquiescing to the illegitimate demands of the Taliban group is seen as a denial of their crimes against the citizens of Afghanistan, especially women and members of civil society.

The union has said that if the United Nations and the member states ignore international principles, this could help strengthen terrorism.

The Lawyers’ Union emphasized that the active participation of Afghan women in the upcoming Doha conference is not only a moral imperative, but also a legal and fundamental obligation.

Today, the third Doha meeting was held with the participation of representatives from 22 countries and international organizations.

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