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Reina Amiri: I will raise Afghan women’s proposals at the Doha meeting

Bayan News – Reina Amiri, the U.S. Special Representative for Afghan Women, says she will present the concerns and proposals of Afghan women and human rights activists at the Doha meeting.

This American official wrote on Twitter on Saturday afternoon (June 29) that over the past three weeks she has been in discussions with a large number of Afghan women and human rights networks inside and outside Afghanistan, and has also received proposals from them.

According to Reina Amiri, Afghan women and human rights activists have suggested that decision-making meetings about the future of Afghanistan should include the full diversity of Afghans, especially women, in order to be legitimate and representative of the people.

Amiri wrote based on the proposals of women and human rights activists that the global community should pressure the Taliban to repeal discriminatory laws that restrict women and girls’ access to education and work.

Reina Amiri and Thomas West, the U.S. Special Representatives for Afghanistan, will participate in the third Doha meeting.

This meeting, hosted by the United Nations, will take place tomorrow in Doha.

The Taliban delegation, led by Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, departed for Qatar on Saturday afternoon to attend the third Doha meeting.

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