Security institutions of the interim Kabul government are preparing the Security Plan for the year 1403

The Ministry of Defense of the interim government announced that after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the first joint meeting of security institutions was held to arrange a joint security plan.

The ministry stated in a newsletter this morning, Thursday (22nd November), that the security plan for the year 1403 has been prepared by the Operations Directorate of the Army Staff and the Ministry of Defense.

Speakers in this program stated that the Islamic Emirate has been formed with countless sacrifices and its survival requires round-the-clock efforts and endeavors.

According to the speakers, the officials of the system are obliged to be prepared for better security, preservation of national achievements, safeguarding the country’s borders, and full readiness against the enemy’s plans and system. This readiness requires planning and its adaptation.

The Ministry of Defense newsletter stated that the holding of this meeting is taking place for the first time after the complete liberation of the country by the Islamic Emirate, which is of utmost value and necessity in ensuring better security and strengthening coordination among relevant organs.

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