An Iranian parliament representative: Anyone in Iran who provides employment or housing to illegal immigrants will be punished

Bayan News – Abolfazl Aboutorabi, a member of the Iranian parliament, has warned citizens of the country that they will be punished if they offer jobs or housing to illegal immigrants.

In an interview with the Iranian news agency ISNA, the parliament member added that according to the plan for organizing foreign citizens, Iranians who provide jobs or housing to illegal foreign nationals will be penalized.

According to this member of the Iranian parliament, the plan for organizing foreign citizens consists of 103 articles and clauses that cover all issues related to immigrants.

He stated, “Until we organize Iranians, we cannot organize foreign nationals. It must be clearly identified who the Iranian individual is that has rented their house to foreign nationals illegally, and they must be punished. Additionally, Iranian employers who employ unauthorized foreign nationals should also be penalized.”

The Iranian parliament representative further emphasized the need to tighten conditions for illegal foreign nationals so that they either leave Iran or pursue another legal path.

The plan for organizing foreign nationals has not yet been finalized by the Iranian parliament, and according to reports from Iranian media, there are differences of opinion on this matter.

However, in recent months, the Iranian government has intensified the process of forcibly deporting Afghan migrants.

According to reports from the Ministry of Migrants and Returnees, thousands of people have been expelled from Iran in recent weeks and are being referred to the International Organization for Migration for assistance.

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