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Human Rights Watch Expresses Concern Again Over the Detention of Women Activists in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Rights Watch has once again expressed concern over the detention of women activists in Afghanistan, stating that the forces of the Islamic Emirate seek to silence the voices of protesting women.

In a report published on Friday night (November 30), the organization mentioned the names of Julia Parsi, Neda Parvani, Manizha Seediqi, and Parisa Azada, and stated that there are other individuals in detention whose names are not known.

The report further added that the detention of women activists has caused distress among their families, and in most cases, their arrests are kept secret, as silence may result in the release of women activists.

Human Rights Watch has consistently emphasized that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers women activists as a challenge to their authority and legitimacy.

The organization has called on the international community to support and listen to women activists in Afghanistan.

However, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has banned any street protests by women and government officials have stated in some cases that some of these women are supported by certain organizations.

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