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Kabul Security Command Confirms the Death of Hussna Sadat

Bayan News – Khalid Zadran, the spokesperson for the Kabul Police Command, stated that Hussna Sadat, a former media employee, lost her life in a criminal incident in the tenth district of Kabul city.

He wrote on Friday night (December 1st) on his X platform that Hussna Sadat threw herself from a building and died.

According to Zadran, the body of this woman has been sent to the Kabul Forensic Medicine for further investigation.

The spokesperson for the Kabul Security Command also mentioned that in connection with this matter, one person has been arrested from their residence, and further investigations are underway in this regard.

Khalid Zadran denied reports circulating on social media suggesting that Hussna Sadat committed suicide out of fear of intelligence agencies.

Earlier, social media users had reported that Hussna Sadat had allegedly committed suicide, and her neighbor had lodged a complaint with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate.

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