Minister of Migrants to NGO Representatives: Emergency aid cannot solve migrants’ problems

Bayan News – Khalilurrahman Haqqani, the acting Minister of Migrants and Repatriation, stated in a meeting with NGO representatives that emergency aid cannot solve migrants’ problems.

The Ministry of Migrants issued an additional newsletter today, Tuesday (December 5th), stating that Khalilurrahman Haqqani met with several representatives of international organizations, including Raffaele Iodice, the head of the European Union delegation in Kabul.

In this meeting, the acting Minister of Migrants requested that temporary camps for migrants be transformed into permanent shelters for them.

He stated that with the arrival of winter, the problems faced by Afghan migrants increase, and providing emergency aid alone cannot solve their problems. It is necessary to focus on job creation and building shelters as essential measures.

During the meeting, the EU representative in Kabul also assured the provision of assistance to returning migrants from Pakistan.

However, the EU recently announced a €142 million aid package for returnees from Pakistan and other parts of Afghanistan.

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