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The pulse of education at the farthest point of Wardak Square

Bayan news

Mohammad Mohsen Erfani, a sociology graduate of Kabul University of Education and Training, has kept the lamp of science and knowledge high in the second point of the province, Maidan Wardak. Last year, he decided to go to the second part of Behsud district of this province with empty hands and without any facilities and expand education for the boys and girls of this region as much as possible.

Erfani told Bayan News that last year when he went to this district, the residents and ethnic elders were involved in negative and intra-ethnic rivalries, this challenge was getting fatter with each passing day and had caused him to take away educational opportunities from boys and girls.

He said: “When I came to the field, it hurt my spirit that everyone was illiterate, the powerful took advantage of the weaker, and men looked at girls and women as the second sex or like sheikhs, people were immersed in superstitions and obscene customs, and these issues are challenges. Social had doubled this area. For this reason, I found the root in lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge.

According to Erfani, after solving social problems or intra-ethnic challenges, a school was established without the smallest facilities and without shelter, and the people were assured that this school will be active regardless of political and party issues and in creating This school of ethnic influencers also took an active part and united.

Erfan also added that four classes were created in this school and instead of four teachers, he teaches about 82 students, most of whom are girls.

He added that although this school does not have facilities and shelter, it can provide a learning environment for 300 students and more than 80 students have been recruited so far.

According to Erfani, more than 60% of the students of this school are girls, and after winning the trust of the people, the girls have become interested in learning science.

Erfani said that the age of the female students is above 15 and 16, that in the past they were deprived of education due to the lack of school and education, and now they want to start from the beginning.

Referring to the existing problems of this school, this teacher pointed out that no one is willing to cooperate in the development of education in this area, and at the same time, the students study in the heat of the sun and without shelter on top of an old carpet.

However, while Erfani is working to expand education for boys and girls in the second place of Maidan Wardak province, the caretaker government of Kabul has banned the process of education for girls above the sixth grade.

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