National Resistance Council: The United Nations Should Involve Everyone in the Future Processes

Bayan News – The National Resistance Council, which is working to save Afghanistan, has called on the United Nations in a statement to allow representatives of various sectors in Afghanistan, especially representatives of this council, to participate in future meetings.

The National Resistance Council added on Saturday, January 30th, that the special meeting of country representatives for Afghanistan, which is expected to be hosted by Qatar in the near future, can serve as a larger and more influential political umbrella to convey the voice of the people to the world.

The statement of this council states, “While we believe in the participation of influential political factions in such meetings, we also believe that real representatives of civil society, women activists, media, and human rights activists should play a positive and constructive role, and the United Nations should involve everyone in the future processes.”

According to the council, the current situation in Afghanistan demands more attention from the world to resolve the current crisis in Afghanistan than ever before.

The statement of the National Resistance Council states that the expectation of the people of Afghanistan is that the existing crisis be resolved through comprehensive national processes in which all influential political factions participate, under the supervision of the United Nations and in collaboration with countries around the world.

So far, the official date for the special meeting of country representatives for Afghanistan, to be held under the management of the United Nations, has not been announced.

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