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UN Women: The World Should Listen to the Voices of Afghan Women

Bayan News – UN Women, on World Human Rights Day, has called on the global community to support the struggles of Afghan women and listen to their voices.

The organization stated in a statement on Monday, December 10th, that due to other crises, Afghan women have not received adequate attention, despite their resilience and support for their communities.

UN Women stated, “Listen to Afghan women and girls. Remember their words and act upon them. Support their fight.”

On World Human Rights Day, numerous international and human rights organizations accused the Kabul Interim Government of violating human rights and suppressing Afghan women.

Today, Monday, December 10th, marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Afghanistan joined this declaration in 1948.

Meanwhile, a group of women and girls in the Takhar province in northern Afghanistan launched a gathering on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, demanding the protection of their fundamental rights by the Kabul Interim Government.

Protesting Women in Takhar Province, Northern Afghanistan

These women, under the banner of “Takhar Women’s Movement,” stated during their march, “We, Afghan women, have witnessed significant damages inflicted by the Taliban over the past two years, but the international community, women’s rights defenders, and numerous other organizations have consistently given more opportunities to the Taliban with empty slogans.”

However, the authorities of the Kabul Interim Government have announced over the past two years that the fundamental rights of the Afghan people, especially women, are protected within the framework of Sharia law.

Furthermore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers human rights as a political tool and opportunism used by Western countries.

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