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Rina Amiri: Taliban’s Restrictions on Afghan Women Have Political Reasons

Bayan News – Rina Amiri, the U.S. special representative for women and human rights in Afghanistan, says that the imposition of restrictions on women and girls by the Islamic Emirate has political reasons.

She made these remarks on Monday, December 10th, at the 21st annual Doha Dialogue. In this Doha meeting, world leaders discuss and debate the challenges countries are facing.

The human rights situation, especially the status of women and girls in Afghanistan, has been one of the subjects of this assembly.

At the meeting, Rina Amiri added that the Islamic Emirate’s restrictions on women and girls have purely political reasons. “I have discussed Taliban’s limitations on women’s right to education, work, public space, travel, and political participation,” she said.

“I still don’t believe that the Taliban’s decisions regarding women are based on religious grounds, as in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, representatives of 57 countries stated that the Taliban’s decisions contradict Islamic teachings,” she continued.

The U.S. special representative for women and human rights in Afghanistan clarified that the actions of the Islamic Emirate against women and girls are political and do not even relate to the Afghan people’s perspective.

She explicitly stated: “The majority of Afghan people challenge the Taliban’s narrative and say that this is not Afghan culture.”

However, on World Human Rights Day, most international organizations have criticized the interim Kabul government for imposing restrictions on women and girls.

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