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Julia Parsi and Her Son Released from Taliban Custody

Bayan News – Sources have reported that Julia Parsi, one of the protesting women, and her son have been released from the custody of the intelligence agency of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Sources have confirmed to Afghan media on Tuesday afternoon (December 18th) that they have spoken with Julia Parsi and expressed joy over her freedom.

According to sources, certain restrictions have been imposed on Julia Parsi, including her lack of permission to interview with the media, and she must present herself to the relevant authorities along with her son.

Officials from the caretaker Kabul government have not yet commented on this matter.

A few days ago, Neda Parwani, another protesting woman, along with her husband, were also released from Taliban custody.

Manizha Seddiqi and Parisa Azada, among other protesting women, are still in the custody of the forces of the Islamic Emirate.

It is worth mentioning that officials from the caretaker Kabul government have prohibited any protests by Afghan women.

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