€25 million European Union aid to assist the people of Afghanistan

Bayan News – In conjunction with the arrival of the winter season, the World Food Programme (WFP) announced €25 million in aid from the European Union to provide food assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

The organization stated in a message on Wednesday (December 19th) that the European Union’s assistance will be used in areas such as crisis prevention, treatment of child malnutrition, and support for pregnant women.

Hervé Verhoosel, the World Food Programme’s Country Director in Afghanistan, stated, “The needs in Afghanistan are significant before the winter, and hunger affects one-third of the population due to high levels of malnutrition.”

He emphasized that this European Union assistance is provided under critical conditions for the people of Afghanistan and can help alleviate food-related issues.

François Guillaume, the Head of Humanitarian Operations for the European Union in Afghanistan, added that one out of every three citizens in the country does not know where their next meal will come from.

According to Guillaume, with the arrival of the cold winter season, the people of Afghanistan are facing even greater hardships.

He further stated that the European Union stands alongside the people of Afghanistan, who are in need of lifesaving assistance.

However, the European Union has also announced that it is providing over €100 million in various sectors in Afghanistan, including support for the returnees from Pakistan.

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