Muttaqi: The situation in Gaza shows that a change in the global landscape is inevitable.

Bayan News – Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, stated at the Tehran Conference that after the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the liberation of the Zionist regime, these major contradictions have become sufficiently evident, and with this situation, a definite change in the global landscape is taking shape.

On Saturday (December 23), Muttaqi added in his speech that a genocide is taking place in Gaza, and the world, which advocates for human rights, human values, freedom, and justice, is witnessing this brutal massacre.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs stated, “Nevertheless, we are in an era of the greatest contradictions.”

According to Muttaqi, in the current world, countries are subjected to sanctions due to partial violations of human rights and political reasons, but at the same time, Israel, which has violated all standards in the war, does not face the slightest criticism.

He explicitly stated, “After four decades of invasions, war, and turmoil, when Afghanistan takes steps towards security and stability by employing human rights, it faces sanctions.”

Mr. Muttaqi referred to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as a part of the Islamic Ummah in this conference and emphasized that he condemns the ongoing oppression in occupied Gaza and Palestine, considering the Palestinian people’s struggle as a legitimate and lawful act based on religious texts and international law.

Yesterday, the Tehran Conference was held hosted by the Islamic Republic and with the participation of representatives from 40 countries.

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