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Amiri: Prohibition of Women’s Work Threatens Humanitarian Aid

Bayan News – Reena Amiri, the U.S. Special Representative for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan, says that the prohibition of women’s work in the country is threatening the provision of humanitarian aid.

She made these remarks last night (December 24) on the X platform on the occasion of the anniversary of the ban on women’s work in Afghanistan.

She further wrote that one year after the orders that prevent women from participating in education and work, the request to cancel these orders should also be strengthened.

The U.S. Special Representative added, “The suspension of female employees in non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies by the Taliban is a serious threat to the provision of vital humanitarian aid.”

Exactly one year ago today, the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a decree prohibiting the presence of women in domestic and foreign non-governmental institutions.

Following this prohibition, on one hand, many families, whose women were their breadwinners, faced economic difficulties, and on the other hand, many institutions reduced their service processes.

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