European Union has contributed over one billion euros after the rise of the Islamic Emirate

Bayan News – Jutta Urpilainen, the European Union Commissioner for International Partnerships, states that the EU has provided 1.2 billion euros in assistance following the establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

She said on Saturday, December 2nd, that the latest aid package from the EU, worth 142.8 million euros, was approved in late November to strengthen essential services and maintain economic stability for the people of Afghanistan.

According to Urpilainen, the EU’s latest aid package will be allocated to sectors such as health, nutrition, education, and providing clean water for the citizens and returning individuals from Pakistan.

The European official emphasized that the EU’s commitment to supporting the people of Afghanistan remains unwavering. “We continue to support their livelihoods and have a special focus on women’s economic empowerment.”

However, the European Union has been the largest contributor to the people of Afghanistan over the past two years.

Although some international organizations have expressed concerns about the involvement of the caretaker government in Kabul in delivering this assistance, officials from the government have stated that they have no role in humanitarian aid.

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